1. Release Notes for GemBuilder for Smalltalk 5.4.7

Supported Platforms and Versions

Changes in this Release

Support for GemStone/S 64 Bit v3.7

Customer-defined special classes

Add User changes

Security Policy Tool updated

Configuring TrackReads supported

Some Security Policies did not report the correct name

SecurityPolicies displayed incorrect owner

VAST 11.x new UnicodeStrings mapped to server Unicode strings

Removed methods

GbsSessionManager >> gbxWaitForRebinding removed

Deprecated GBSM methods removed

Bugs Fixed

GS-file In did not handle server fileout format

isENVYImage incorrectly used

Server configuration for GEM_HALT_ON_ERROR unset during login

Building ICs for packaging a runtime application created problems for method overrides

Compiler errors in method text not handled correctly

Improved resizing in Classes Browser

Click in method text selected text

Inspector Errors with server strings containing characters over 255

Selecting a SymbolDictionary with many classes could be slow to display classes

Classes > Browse Class on a class method in Method List Browser broken

Privileges dialog did not handle added privileges

Issues with server methods that include server-only elements

Lose selection in classes browser

Implementors/Senders browsers did not update method text

Extra stacks while editing server code in the debugger

LargeIntegers converted to a denormalized server representation

Analysis of server Class format could result in wrong match comparison

Classes Browser stuck if server SymbolDictionary with unmatched key to classname