1. Release Notes for GemBuilder for Smalltalk 8.1

Supported Platforms and Versions

Changes and New Feature

Support for GemStone/S 64 Bit version 3.3

Fileout of server code improved handling for extended characters

API for Call Tracing that allows specification of filename

Changes in Errors

New Object Memory statistics

Bugs present in 7.6.1 and fixed in 8.1

Traversal problems for objects with more than 15 named instvars

Replication may modify immutable objects

Compiler errors when recompiling a method in the debugger

Proceeding from some compiler errors resulted in MNU

Inspecting a GsNMethod class method resulted in BadOffset exception

Inspector on IdentitySet errored on remove

autoMarkDirty does not mark dirty for client-side class change or become

GbsSessionParameters removeClassConnectorsFor: may fail

Viewing symbol lists for other users did not work correctly

Bugs introduced in v8.0 and fixed in v8.1

Finalization queue failures

Saving class methods causes hang when debugging within session critical session

GbxUnauthorizedObjectStub objects did not get unexported

Bugs included in the 8.0 Release Notes

Changes in replication infrastructure

Thread-safe replication spec set

Mappings to server objects may be lost if server map grows during server interaction

Replicating earlier version of mapped class returns instance

Reverted behavior of uncached forwarders to special objects

Forwarders to large object trees may result in out of memory errors

Support for private clamp-by-callback feature

Failure in creating class on server when very large number of instance variables

Objects that do not inherit from Object not handled by GBS tools