1. Release Notes for GemBuilder for Smalltalk 8.3

Supported Platforms and Versions

Changes and New Features

Support for GemStone/S 64 Bit version 3.4

library change on UNIX


Single sign on authentication

Handling of server version mismatch

Support for VW 8.2.1

Autocommit did not handle commit failures

Accessing the server map with unmapped, out of range OOPs

Image saved with server browser open not cleaned up on VW restart

Primitive failure when unstubbing for mapped classes of different sizes

Error when unstubbing an unmapped subclass of Dictionary

Fatal error that is not a subclass of GbsFatalError was not handled correctly.

SymbolDictionary issues

Removing SymbolDictionary did not remove from transient symbol list

SymbolDictionary names that are not proper identifiers

Inspector changes and bug fixes

Inspector toolbar includes new button for Refresh From GS Server

Possible walkback when inspecting server object

Accept in Inspector could perform replication and error

Spawn Class Hierarchy menu item actually spawned Class Browser

Inspectors on Server strings not closed on logout

Improved printing of sourceCode of GS Basic tab of method inspector

Dictionary inspector GS Basic tab did not show indexed instance variables for empty dictionary

Debugger changes and bug fixes

Gbs stack dumps now indicate objects that are immutable

Debugger > Browse opened Hierarchy Browser rather than Method Browser

Debugger receiver pane display changes for stubs

Debugger single stepping into blocks

On debugger open, top context is not selected

In the debugger, executing GS-Debug leaves debugger in stuck state

Code Browser Issues

Browser auto-commit icon did not indicate state

Button to indicate modifications made

Finding references to class variables found too many references

Code Browser Instance Variable tab selection and method visibility

Error on moving a class to a new undisplayed SymbolDictionary

Class creation dialog detects invalid arguments

Server refresh caused reset of selected class in Hierarchy Browser

Browser Control-F dialog could not easily be closed

Class Versioning in Class Hierarchy and Class Browsers

Issues related to managing methods

Autocommit did not commit generated accessor methods

Browser selection behavior after dragging method between categories

New methods in category "unknown"

Dragging a method to a new protocol makes hierarchy browser unusable

Browser override/overridden arrows do not distinguish between class and instance methods

Drag and drop a method between browsers

Deleting method without selected protocol put text pane in incorrect state

MNU on commit if a browser referenced a deleted method

Formatting issues

Formatting a method that made no changes dirtied source

Format class definition failed

Formatting a method with syntax errors did not report errors correctly

User Editor issues

Unable to create or edit a user with a nil Default Security Policy

Creating a user changed ownership of the selected security policy

Privilege denied changing default security policy

Deleting a user with insufficient privileges caused infinite recursion

Privileges browser broken under VW 8.x

Deleting a group

With multiple sessions, User Browser could get delegate error

Workspace opened from the GemStone launcher could block the launcher

GBS client methods using segment

Per-thread replication spec issues

replication spec set could be used in wrong session

replicationSpecSet confusion within usingReplicationSpecSet:do: block

Per thread replication spec blocks did not nest

Replication spec failure without object method