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GemBuilder is provided in the form of parcels named GbsRuntime, GbsTools, and CstMessengerSupport.

Your client Smalltalk, VisualWorks Smalltalk, provides the ability to package runtime applications, and you should following the packaging instructions for your client Smalltalk version.

A.1  Packaging

Required Parcels

In addition to code that defines your application, the packaged image must contain the parcel GbsRuntime, which contains the system code modified for GemBuilder. You will normally not include GbsTools parcel. In order to ensure that your image initializes correctly, your application must specify GbsRuntime as a prerequisite.

It is recommended to perform the packaging by starting with a new client image and loading the GemBuilder and application code.

If you will be only logging in RPC sessions, set the GemBuilder configuration parameter libraryName to the RPC version of the GemStone client libraries.

Packaging options


Ensure that your image is packaged to include class pool dictionaries and instance variable names and does not remove them.

Compiler required for replicating blocks

Replicating blocks requires that the compiler be included in the runtime environment. To ensure that your application is able to replicate Smalltalk blocks in the same manner as it did in the development environment, we recommend that you include the compiler.

A.2  Deployment

Shared Libraries

A deployed runtime application that uses GemBuilder needs to include all the server-specific shared libraries. Linked applications will also need to ensure that the appropriate server components are installed on the client node.

The GemBuilder for Smalltalk Installation Guide and the GemStone/S Server Installation Guide for the deployment platform provide the specific shared library requirements.


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