1. GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.2.7 Release Notes


Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.2.7

GBS Versions

VSD Version

Changes and Bugs Fixed

Updated SSL libraries

Performance improvement on AIX

Issues with SymbolGem

Symbol GarbageCollection broken in 3.2.x

SymbolGem TOC inadequate for very large AllSymbols

Added configuration parameter

Stone runs hot after SymbolGem automatic restart

Problems with clusterAllSymbols

AllSymbols _collisionBucketsDo: had no effect

Object >> isCommitted may return true after failed commit

Risk for GCI applications connecting to a server with different endianness

Operations on SequenceableCollections can corrupt objects

GcGem stuck while holding commit token

GsObjectInventory methods could fail with OutOfRange error

Find references issues

Behavior when searching on highly connected objects

Improvements in memory use

Disconnected classes reported

Tracing included some garbage

Incorrect stack variables display in debugger frames

AdminGem vote on dead could trigger AlmostOutOfMemory

Changes in behavior when creating Number fromString:

RcKeyValueDictionary>>at:ifAbsent: did not use block on nil argument

Statmonitor may crash with arguments including network stats on Linux

Issues related to conversion from 2.4.x

Conversion of repository containing DoubleByteSymbols has risk during upgradeImage

Viewing unrecompiled GsMethod in GBS resulted in MNU

Finding references to object errors with unrecompiled GsMethods in visible classes

Upgrade leaves versioned classes and unrecompiled GsMethods

ObsQuadByteSymbol methods are not recompiled by upgrade

Persistent instances of GsClassDocumentation

Obsolete classes moved to Globals at: #ObsoleteClasses