1. GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.3.1 Release Notes



New required step to configuring ICU version

Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.3.1

GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) Versions

VSD Version

Changes and New Features

Updated SSL libraries

Community Edition Keyfile for Linux and Darwin

Handling of ICU shared libraries

Distribution changes

Image changes

Library load changes

Added Configuration Parameter

Other changes related to sorting and index-related changes

Improved support for SortBlock recompile

ExecBlock recompile

sortWithBlock:* methods accepting IcuCollator

replaceFrom:to:with:startingAt: now usable with CByteArray argument

Increased limit for GsSocket read:into:startingAt:

Additional printing for GCI errors

Change in errors

Handling C-level errno from CCallout

Override limit on VM memory use

Utility Changes

topaz output pushnew limit increased

startnetldi added option to skip reverse DNS lookups

printlogs utility allows suppression of displaying strings

gslist "exe deleted" status

Added Cache Statistic

GCI Changes



GCI compilation flag

Bugs Fixed

Oop High Water Mark over 4 billion created problems

Handling of reused PIDs in defunct lock files

Infinite loop if gemstone.hostid exists but is not readable

NetLDI may hang on EAI_AGAIN from reverse lookup

STN_LOGIN_LOG_DIR did not expand environment variables

Logins on Mac required locks directory on client node

Issues related to Upgrade

ICU version change caused problems in upgrade to 3.3

Upgrade to 3.3 did not handle SortedCollection recompile requirement

Upgrade did not correctly handle epochGcPageBufferSize

upgradeSeasideImage failed as a result of recently added class

Corrupt object error during symbol conversion from 2.4.x

DbfHistory extra line for 3.2.x-originated repositories

User action load problems corrupted installed user action table

Garbage Collection issues

Class instance referenced from class prevented GC

Gem crash due to excessive recursion in MFC

Reclaim Gem may startup in transaction

More information in cases where Admin Gem is not running

Backup and Restore issues

Repeated replay of transaction log can cause corruption

Possible deadlock in multithreaded backup after file error

.gz not appended to short backup file names

Indexing bugs

GsQuery reject: incorrect results

GsQuery detect:ifNone: returned query instead of ifNone: result

ReversedRangeIndexReadStream size incorrect

Index Audit could miss invalid encryption keys

Remote shared cache related issues

Remote shared page cache monitor can get stuck spin lock

After remote cache startup timeout, cache status may be stuck

Page Manager crash on removing pages from remote cache

GsFile write following a read may write at end of file

GsSecureSocket>>readWillNotBlockWithin: wrong after partial read

Large operations on hidden sets can run out of ME object memory space

Configuration Parameter Changes

KeyValueDictionary become: did not correctly reset parent references

Invalid class instance variables does not prevent class creation

GsMethod did not include environmentId method