1. GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.4.3 Release Notes


Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.4.3

GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) Versions

VSD Version

Changes in this release

Updated library versions

Distribution changes

32-bit executables and libraries no longer included on AIX and Solaris

32-bit VSD no longer included in the distribution

Reorganization of slow and noop executables

fullBackupTo: and restoreFromBackup: no longer limited to 16 sessions

Ability to configure auto-start for multiple statmonitors

copydbf reports version for backup file generated by any other version

Setting environment variables from Smalltalk

Added lock status methods

Bugs Fixed

Windows client-side GsFile operations problems with non-ASCII filenames

New class Utf16

Added methods

Reclaim configuration parameters revert to speed-optimized values

Killing a remote shared page cache risked bringing the Stone down

Stuck session in login cannot be cleaned up

Error gsErrSessionShutdown/4059 not sent to remote clients

Problems with copydbf -i with files on NFS-mounted disks

Extents on CIFS filesystems on Linux do not work

fullBackupCompressed data file size based on uncompressed size

Gem crash with very large GEM_MAX_SMALLTALK_STACK_DEPTH on Linux or Solaris/x86

WriteSet issues with nested transactions

listInstances:limit: limit not applied to instances in memory

Private internal objects can error during commit conflict resolution

Object and page audit errors after restore of NonTranloggedGlobals

Stone checkpoint state not updated quickly when checkpoint work done

Statmonitor subsecond sampling generates incorrect timestamps

Class Definition issues

Setting class category to nil does not work correctly

Error on versioning a class that with a nil inDictionary: argument

Indexing issues

Incorrect results for BtreePlus indexed range query

Performance improvement in creating equality index

UTC offset in header has incorrect sign

Upgrade created new version of TimeZone class

Using 3.4 shared libraries with 3.4.2 was allowed but could hang

GsFile user action invocation with invalid name on client

Integer printing broken on Windows client 64-bit topaz