1. GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.4.4 Release Notes


Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.4.4

GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) Versions

VSD Version

Changes in this release

Distribution changes

Updated library versions

Updated ZoneInfo (TimeZone database)

Raspberry Pi

gslist no longer distributed on Windows

Enhancements and bug fixes in Backup and Restore

Compressed backups using lz4 have improved compression

The restore of a fullbackup now reduces the OOP high water mark

Reduced space used by object table leaf pages after restore

pageaudit additional statistics

During restore, possible C heap growth and CR backlog

backup start time was not reported in stone log

Converting from ByteArray containing UTF-8 to decoded string

Floating point exceptions on Ubuntu 18.04

Statmonitor new feature and bug fixes

Statmonitor automatic delete of older data files

Statmonitor automatic start failed with -X

Automatic start of statmonitor did not occur during pageaudit

gemnetobject supports -U argument

Temporary files on Linux now created in /tmp, not /usr/tmp

Changes and bug fixes relating to use of GCI

Linker symbols now weak on Linux

Stack traces on Windows for fatal errors

GciErrSType class >> new incorrect malloc size

SIGTERM handler not chained to installed handler in linked GCI

Reported bytes sent/received incorrect

Changes in Cache Statistics

Removed statistics

Added statistics

Bug Fixes

libgcirpc shared library load performance

Remote cache related issues

Failure to recover after loss of pageserver for a remote cache

Extent names not updated on remote cache

Symbol Garbage Collection not working reliably

User Action SEGV or Access Violation

startstone problem with checkpoint-related records in different tranlogs

Issues related to configuration parameters

STN_COMMITS_ASYNC risky and use has been disabled

SHR_PAGE_CACHE_PERMISSIONS printed without leading 0

Errors in STN_GEM_INITIAL_TRANSACTION_MODE caused log bloat

STN_FREE_SPACE_THRESHOLD value greater than 4GB was truncated

GsExternalSession Issues

GsExternalSession failed with gemNRS: string argument

Logout problems in certain configurations

System >> hostCpuUsage results were not always reliable

topaz errors on input of a file with BOM

Hot Standby issues

Logreceiver race condition could cause tranlog read failure

Logsender added padding to tranlog records when compressing

Issues related to upgrade

Invalid version number in extents, confusing later upgrade errors

After upgrade, GcGems not running

GsSysLog writeErrorMessage fails with ArgumentError

Incorrect error from before: and after: on out of range

instVarAt:put: did not work for a class instance variables

Unable to write to stdout on Windows GCI client

copydbf -Z did not work

Host Memory Banner incorrect on the Mac

enableUnixAuthenticationWithAlias: failed in Unicode Mode

Issues only applicable to slow (debugging) gems