1. GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.4.5 Release Notes


Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.4.5

GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) Versions

VSD Version

Changes in this release

Updated library versions

Recommendation to clear /opt/gemstone/locks/ on system restart

Reporting on transaction conflicts

Ability to terminate a GsHostProcess

gslist output in json format

copydbf -i/-I of extent file now includes version

Further details for failures in network handshake

Bug Fixes

Performance issue

Reduced-conflict objects not handled correctly in nested transactions

Terminated GsProcess may not have allowed ensure block to complete

GCI client on Windows 7 hang on socket disconnect

Removing dynamic instance variable from large SequenceableCollection

Stuck hash table lock in remote cache

Find reference path search missed references via class instance variables

Hot standby issues

Adjustments to debug logging output

continuousRestoreFromArchiveLogs could fail on initial setup

GsBitmap issues

GsBitmap did not correctly handle some cases with large objects

Printing a very large GsBitmap

DecimalFloat >> asStringUsingFormat: did not 0-pad per argument

GciNewUtf8String does not put result object in export set

XFS file system errors for 32-bit processes

Issues affecting systems upgraded from early versions of GemStone

Repository scan errors on upgraded repositories

objectAudit warnings on old 32-bit fanout in upgraded repositories

Current user SymbolList used instead of session SymbolList

become: crashed with extremely large NSC

RcKeyValueDictionary hard coded references to RcCollisionBucket