1. GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.5.1 Release Notes


Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.5.1

GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) Versions

VSD Version



Changes in this release

Updated library versions

Distribution change in packing libraries

Distribution change for Raspberry Pi

Recommendation to clear /opt/gemstone/locks/ on system restart

gslist added status unknown(EPERM)

Support for transparent huge pages on Linux

Improved Shared Page Cache startup performance

Improvements in disk space usage after restore from full backup

The restore of a full backup now reduces the OOP high water mark

Reduced space used by object table leaf pages after restore

GsBitmap added methods

Reporting extents and files in GB or MB

SymbolDictionary printString change

Improved reporting on transaction conflicts

System >> remoteCachesReport now includes Stone’s cache

Added method

objectAudit warnings on old 32-bit fanout in upgraded repositories

gslist output in json format

Return values for startnetldi, stopnetldi, startstone, stopstone

stopnetldi by root user on any NetLDI

Disallowed to startstone with an extent of a later version

copydbf -i/-I of extent file now includes version

Applications running without $GEMSTONE

topaz -S option

topaz -S argument now does not suppress output

topaz -S argument fails to work without a .topazini

topaz now handles BOM input correctly

Log file locations changes for remote login processes

Verify your remote distribution log file locations

startnetldi -X argument added

Attaching to a running Gem for debugging

Configuration parameter added to support debug gem

Method added to support debug gem

Topaz commands added to support debug gem

GCI calls added to support debug gem

Other topaz changes

Other Changes in Configuration Parameters

CONFIG_WARNINGS_FATAL now applied from Gem NRS

Setting Gem environment variables via configuration parameters


RTLD_DEEPBIND no longer used; User Action relink required

Linking a GCI application on Linux

Change in linker flags for Solaris

Linking a user action library on Solaris

Other Added GCI functions

Changes in Thread-safe GCI

GciTsLogin and GciTsForkLogin changed

GciTsClassRemoveAllMethods changed

GciTsCompileMethod changed

GciTsFetchTraversal changed

Added functions from standard GCI API

Added functions to support X509 Logins

Changes in Cache Statistics

Bug Fixes

GciStoreTravDoTravRefs issues with serious GBS impact

GciStoreTravDoTravRefs_ may error, impacting linked GBS sessions

Missing reports in traversals from GBS

Terminated GsProcess may not have allowed ensure block to complete

STN_COMMITS_ASYNC risk of lost record

GciNewUtf8String does not put result object in export set

startstone with precheckpoint and checkpoint records in different tranlogs

libgcirpc shared library load performance

Reclaim issues

Following voting, reclaimAll may be inadvertently activated

With many conflicts, reclaimAll could run hot and hold commit token

NetLDI failed to close socket if Gem process fork fails

SEGV or Access Violation in user action

Incorrect compiler optimization

RC objects not handled correctly in nested transactions

continuousRestoreFromArchiveLogs could fail on initial setup

Issues related to Configuration Parameters

SHR_PAGE_CACHE_PERMISSIONS printed without leading 0

Errors in STN_GEM_INITIAL_TRANSACTION_MODE caused log bloat

STN_FREE_SPACE_THRESHOLD value greater than 4GB was truncated


Restore Issues

During restore, possible CR backlog and C heap growth

Invalid version number in extents, confusing later upgrade errors

startCheckpointSync did not always checkpoint the current state

backup start time was not reported in stone log

Issues related to remote caches

Failure to recover after loss of pageserver for a remote cache

Remote process support logs may not be written to intended location

Stuck hash table lock in remote cache

Page server on Stone’s node may not have exited after remote cache disconnect

Extent names not updated on remote cache

GCI client on Windows 7 hang on socket disconnect

Find reference path search missed references via class instance variables

GsBitmap issues

GsBitmap did not correctly handle some cases with large objects

Printing a very large GsBitmap

Issues specific to X509-Secured GemStone

GEM_HALT_ON_ERROR and other configuration parameters not usable in X509 logins


DecimalFloat >> asStringUsingFormat: did not 0-pad per argument

System >> hostCpuUsage results

GsFile issues

GsFile stdin > atEnd incorrectly answered true

position: for GsFile in append mode

Unable to write to stdout on Windows GCI client

copydbf -Z broken

Missing collection protocol for CanonStringDict and CanonSymbolDict

Incorrect report of fatal error in configuration files

Diagnosing GsExternalSession login errors

gemnetobject_slow failed to load slow; ran fast libraries

become: crashed with extremely large NSC

Extra step point at beginning of method

Programmatic GemNativeCodeEnabled value for true

GsCurrentSession >> inTransaction returned integer rather than boolean

References to obsolete class JISCharacter in source code

RcKeyValueDictionary hard coded references to RcCollisionBucket