1. Release Notes for 3.6.1


Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.6.1

GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) Versions

VSD Version

Changes in this release

Updated library versions

Updated Mac Support

Distribution with native support for Apple M1

Support for Mac "Big Sur"

Ubuntu on arm64

Distribution changes

PACKING file no longer included in the distribution

Restored installtimezone.txt and timezone.txt

Minor change in version.txt

Improved handling of crashed slot recovery in Shared Page Cache Monitor

Added cache statistics for SPC Monitor

GsHostProcess now signals newly added ChildError

GsBitmap handling of page order oop files

Auditing GsBitmaps

Object >> initialize default implementation

General implementation of removeAllSuchThat:

Excluding Globals from ClassOrganizer queries

Other added method

Other Cache Statistics changes

Bugs Fixed

Incorrect incremental tranlogging of changes to kinds of IdentityBag from within nested transactions


Symbol Garbage Collection may still collect referenced Symbol

logsender may read incomplete tranlog records

Logins could have failed due to stuck page manager thread

Upgrade issues

Upgrade required DataCurator password to be manually reset

Upgrade required DataCurator not have NoGsFileOnServer permission

DataCurator permission issues with performOnServer whitelist

Clustering step of upgrade could error

Incorrect version check for v3.4.x

Behavior >> instSize insufficient to iterate named instance variables

Error from ProcessScheduler

GEM_ABORT_MAX_CRS impacts GBS traversals

Issues related to automatic startup of statmonitor

Stone did not auto-start statmonitor early enough when in recovery

GEM_STATMONITOR_ARGS did not start statmonitor

GsSocket issues

GsSocket instances could not be reused after close

readWillNotBlockWithin: and writeWillNotBlockWithin: result could be incorrect

Code paths in which tranlog full may result in Stone shutdown

GcGem logging issues

Reclaim log entries omitted

Warnings on range test incorrect

On startup verbose logging was true

More information printed when reclaimVerboseLogging is true

ProfMonitor did not automatically delete its file

Issues with Multi-Threaded scan operations

Additional fix for "Repository scan may fault in dead objects"

Memory leak in multi-threaded scans

DateAndTime now performance issue in 3.6

Missing server library may cause GCI client process termination

On Windows clients, the "RUNNING ON" platform displayed is incorrect

Topaz issues

Non-interactive topazwaitfordebug in script difficult to terminate

Topaz always displayed instances of GsUuidV4 with display bytes

Topaz echoed password when run from a script

GsTsExternalSession issues

ArgumentError during GsTsExternalSession >> send:to:withArguments:

GsTsExternalSession error on empty stone name for solo login

Cross-version connection to 3.5.x.y versions failed

Memory leak in X509-secured NetLDI and HostAgent

System _writtenObjects from within nested transaction is incomplete

Some cases of GsPackagePolicy may break filein

Gem login failures may not report details

Fileout errors from Environments > 1

Removed duplicate method