1. Release Notes for 3.6.4


Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.6.4

GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) Versions

VSD Version

Open Source Library Versions

1. Changes in this version

Distribution Changes




$GEMSTONE/seaside directory no longer owner-write

Support for Rowan upgrades

Banner notice when running with SELinux

Additional information in stone log messages

Print GCI trace records on protocol error

Rolling over Gem log files

GsHostProcess changes

Using files for stdin, stdout, and stderr

Added public instance API

Removed private method _fork:

fork and fork: requirements for standard files

Upgrade impact of these changes

GsSingleRefPathFinder disallowed in remote sessions

GsObjectInventory profiling methods now wait up to 60 seconds for the GcLock

Private methods handling days from 1970 removed

GsFileIn now ignores login, logout

Error changes

ProfMonitor object creation tree report format

External Session Changes

OtherPassword split with ReadOtherUserProfile

Private removed method

Other Added Methods

Topaz changes

Multiple -C arguments accepted

DISPLAY OOPS is now on by default

Last argument of -L, -l, -r now applied

EDIT command additional options

Cache statistics changes

Added Statistics

Change in units for GcHighWaterPage

2. SuperDoit scripting feature

Script Types

Script structure

Commonly Used Sections

Complex Scripting

Rowan Support

Script Comments


Standard arguments

Defining Script Arguments

Arguments to Topaz


Coding in the doit section

Examples and Templates


Rowan-specific GsCommands examples

3. FFI Changes

CByteArray support for copy

CHeader support for variable arguments

Improved access to errno

Added method callWith:errno:

Support for C functions with struct type arguments or results

CHeader generated wrapper classes

Example of struct return and variable arguments

Other Image Changes related to FFI

Added Methods

Removed methods

CDeclaration refactored

4. Bugs Fixed

Risk of SPC corruption for allInstances and related repository scan operations

Reclaim issues

Crash for pageId 0 in pages needing reclaim or scavenge

Other potential unnecessary crashes

Reclaim problems under certain cases of heavy load

Symbol garbage collection may collect a referenced Symbol

Gem crash recovery may cause Shrpcmon to SEGV

File descriptor leak in Gem

objectAudit issue in DataPageCheck not handled well

pageaudit may fail if Stone startup takes too long

GsDevKit upgrade bugs fixed

Cache Statistics Issues

Extent grow cache statistics issues

FreeOops not reliable

.topazini could silently clear -X arguments for X509 login

Time comparison incorrect results for arguments in same millisecond range

During tranlog restore, existing file without permissions not reported

Login possible during restore

Commit issues during suspendCommitsForFailover

SecurityErrors during upgrade in some GsObjectSecurityPolicies configurations

ScaledDecimal literal parsing issues

Scaled Decimal literal strings not parsed by asNumber

In comma-decimal point locale, ScaledDecimal literals did not parse

Cannot activate a passivated structure containing an instance of Utf8

GCI and FFI related Issues

Error during GciExecute from UserAction preventing interrupt servicing

GciTsObjInfo.access could return undocumented value

Crash if GciTsPerform called with NULL GciErrSType *err arg

CHeader generated incorrect offsets for structs

After failed commit due to RC conflicts, commit allowed without abort

gslist prints unnecessary extra Warning if no servers running