1. Release Notes for 3.6.6


Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.6.6

GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) Versions

VSD Version


Open Source Library Versions

Changes in this version

Change in objectAudit behavior

Version mismatch warnings

Cache warming during upgrade

AbstractDictionary >> at:ifPresent: restored

String compare to ByteArray now returns false for matching bytes

Time support for microseconds

copydbf -i for backups now reports if in partial logging mode

largememorypages improved and usable for remote caches

stopnetldi performance improved

Linux transparent huge pages not used as expected

Topaz strings containing   now print hex value rather than space

Failure to get a stack trace for GEM_HALT_ON_ERROR values

STN_GEM_TIMEOUT default login timeout reduced

Determining status of cache warming

Statmon data file header timestamp in UTC

SharedCounters and PersistentCounters renumbered

Removed methods

Hot Standby Improvements and Fixes

commitRestore now also stops continuous restore

Added methods

Upgrade via hot standby

Hot standby bugs fixed

Hot standby logreceiver errors if there are other logreceivers for the same logsender

Problems after circular failOverToSlave

Starting hotstandby continuous restore with obsolete tranlogs may crash

Bugs Fixed

Gem crash recovery may cause Stone to SEGV

Shrpcmon crash during crashed client frame lock recovery

Protocol error on incomplete LGC_PAD_N read over socket

TransactionBacklog signaled incorrectly

listInstances may miss objects

Risk of out of memory in voteNotDead in busy system

Race condition results in Gem SEGV in copyFrom:to:

Gems in login during stone shutdown may fail to exit

Gems may be slow to shutdown due to memory checks

Stone restart recovery may not correctly recover new epoch objects and write set union

Epoch GC can declare a class as dead while an instance remained

Multithreaded scan operations clear all Gem session stats

Some Time stats incorrectly zero

Unnecessary commit conflicts

With Indexing operations

On RciIdentitySet/Bag

Slow timeout failure on login when network connection table is full

Cache warming could hang

Issues with thread-safe nbLogin/nbLogout

After nbLogin, GsTsExternalSession wait methods SIGSEGVed or errored

Memory leak in GciTsNbLogin

GsTsNbLogout could signal Network error

Upgrade Issues

Nonstandard decimalPoint Locale with GsPackagePolicy

Upgrade errors on changes in definitions in ObsoleteClasses

Backup and restore failed to check OOP upper bound

SymbolGem printed excessive messages to its log on GC

topaz set cachename did not work for linked topaz

SecurityError on objectSecurityPolicy: for a class with no instance variables

Issues related to Numeric operations

Division by SmallInteger minimumValue threw error

Number parseLiterals:exponent: handling nil character argument

ScaledDecimal, Fraction >> asFloat could return incorrect results

Login log did not record failed logins

GsFile primitives not interrupted by SIGTERM

Improved reporting on client disconnect errors

Checking for vote state incorrect

Unicode Compares causes strings to not be returned in ExportedDirtyList

performOnServer: failed for configurations with client s-bit set

Object >> subclassResponsibility error was not reported correctly

Transaction log debug level change

Private method could SEGV