1. Release Notes for 3.6.7


Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.6.7

GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) Versions

VSD Version


Open Source Library Versions

Changes in this version

Using setcap for large pages and OOM protection on Linux

Large Memory Pages

OOM Killer protection

Large Memory Pages and Locking SPC in memory

Raw partitions on Character devices no longer supported

GsTsExternalSession forkAndDetachBlock:

Added GCI flag

Terminating logsender and logreceiver programmatically

ClassOrganizer >> newExcludingGlobals

GsNMethod >> recompileFromSource

Converting Non-specials in special range

codePointAt:put: now performs auto-conversion if needed

Empty Unicode7 string literals now canonicalized

GsTsExternalSession no longer requires cpp/gcc/g++

Better error message if reverse DNS fails for Single Sign-On (SSO)/Kerberos logins

IndexManager added method

Added Repository methods

Added GCI function variant


Bugs Fixed

Very slow restore of compressed tranlogs

Performance regression in markForCollection

Stone may have shutdown on checkpoint when tranlog disks full

NetLDI issues

NetLDI shutdown timing issue resulted in unable to restart

netldid executes without $GEMSTONE but does not function

Collection issues

Finding references failed to report objects in large IdentityBags

Array >> replaceFrom:to:with:startingAt: may not copy elements correctly

RcIdentityBag >> remove:otherwise: errored

Dictionary become: does not update internal variables

GsSocket >> writeWillNotBlockWithin: does not handle nil returned by writeWillNotBlock

Issues relating to upgrades

Upgrading did not preserve default legacy indexes

Session methods must be disabled for upgrade

copydbf returns wrong version for secondary extents after upgrade

Excessive attempts to start AdminGem during upgrade

GLASS/Seaside auto-migrate may error after GC operation

Issues with stacks and memory stats when using setcap to enable LargeMemoryPages or OOM killer protection

Numeric and Time related issues

Float = and ~= always returned false for SmallScaledDecimal arguments

Strings with leading '-0.' lose sign when converted using asNumber or Number fromString/Stream:

SmallDateAndTime passivate activate failed for years 2035-2072

asJson problems with Date, Time, DateTime, and DateAndTime

CharacterCollection >> isDigits incorrect for empty string

A Time did not compare equal to equivalent SmallTime

Duration new created an uninitialized instance

File handle leak in GsTsExternalSession

Spurious OutOfMemory when in-memory pom_gen scavenge fails

commitRestoreForFailoverAfterWaitingUpTo: now stops logreceiver

stoned exited with code 3 on clean shutdown

SEGV when a terminated GsProcess is sent terminate

gemnetobject -T, -N argument was ignored if no separator

CodeModificaton required to list Pragmas with session methods enabled

Array with:* primitive failure error reports incorrect

PPParser >> child included a send to #assert: