1. VSD 5.1.2 Release Notes


Visual Statistics Display (VSD) version 5.1.2 is a new version of the VSD product. This release includes a critical bug fix for AIX and Solaris/SPARC, and another for Windows. The changes in this release have no impact on other platforms.

This version of VSD, like previous versions, supports statmonitor files generated from:

Supported Platforms

VSD version 5.1.2 is supported on the following platforms:

Changes in this Release

Chart values may be incorrect on big-endian platforms

AIX and Solaris/SPARC only

On big-endian platforms, some data points for some statistics displayed incorrect values. The displayed values are not radically different from the correct values (e.g., a value that should be 0 may be 4 or 20), and may not be noticeable.

VSD uses a union data structure to store values, to allow reading the different statistic data types. There were places in which the 64 bit member was stored and the 32-member was read from, which produces incorrect values on big-endian platforms. Small-endian platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac, and Solaris/x86, are not affected. (#46078)

Some statistics with values >= 2^31 wrap to negative on Windows

Windows only

On Windows, unsigned statistics are handled in 32-bit fields. When the value is >= 231 (2147483648) the high-order bit was treated as a sign bit. The value wraps and displays the value as negative. (#46084)