1. VSD 5.1 Release Notes


Visual Statistics Display (VSD) version 5.1 is a new version of the VSD product. This release includes bug fixes.

This version of VSD, like previous versions, supports statmonitor files generated from:

Supported Platforms

VSD version 5.1 is supported on the following platforms:

Changes in this Release

VSD main window label now includes version

The label of the main window previous was "vsd"; now it includes the version and build.

Opening multiple files

VSD now supports opening multiple files in one operation from the file dialog. This could previously be done using command-line options on Unix platforms.

This can be done in two ways:

  • by loading multiple files independently. You then switch between files using the file drop-down.
  • by loading in append mode, so that the statistics from the subsequent files are loaded into and viewed as part of the first file selected.

These features existed previously; the way they are invoked in the GUI has been changed.

The Main menu item > Load Data File is now Load Data File(s)...

Previous, to append a file, you first loaded the file using Main menu item > Load Data File, then appended subsequent files using the File menu item > Append Data File...

Now, you can load the first file and append subsequent files in one operation by using the Main menu item > Append Data File(s).

When opening files in append mode, use care that the files are loaded in the order they were generated, by selecting the earliest file first, then control-selecting subsequent files in order. Loading earlier files into later statistics files produces undefined results, generally missing data.

Changed File Dialog on Unix

To support multi-file select, VSD on Unix now uses the TCL file dialog.

The Directory field is selection-only; you may enter a path and filter under File Names, which overrides the filters selected under Files of Type.

Most recent file directory now recorded

The directory used most recently to load statmonitor files is now recorded so that when vsd is reopened, the file browser starts with focus in this directory. It is recorded in .vsdconfig under the indicator set vsd(lastdatadir).

Load time on Windows improved

The performance for loading a large file into VSD for Windows has been improved, by optimizing some parsing calls.

Added statistics descriptions

Descriptions for statistics that have been added, or will be added, to recent versions of GemStone/S 64 Bit and GemStone/S have been added. This provides some display defaults and enables online lookup of the meaning of the statistic.

Default font for Help on Windows changed

VSD uses two fonts to manage, respectively, the fonts for the chart windows and the font for help and statistics text. Previously, the statistics default font was small; this default size has been increased. This will only be visible if you are running on a machine that does not have a .vsdconfig.

Note: this font can be changed manually using the Help menu item > Choose Text Font.

Bugs Fixed

VSD on Windows failed to load very large file

With statmonitor data files on the order of 10GB, 64-bit VSD would fail to load with a file too large error. This was due to a failure in a TCL routine. (#45823)

Load in progress percentage can become negative

In VSD on Windows, the percentage displayed in the Load in Progress dialog may become negative. (#45827)

Non-functional button removed from Statistics Information

The Statistics Information window included a Statistics help that was obsolete. (#45848)

Non-functional Pids option removed from Monitor window

The Monitor windows included a Pids field that did not use any valid statmonitor API to specify PIDs. This option has been removed. (#45123)