1. VSD 5.5.2 Release Notes


Visual Statistics Display (VSD) version 5.5.2 is a new release of the VSD product, including new platform support and minor updates.

These release notes describe changes between the previous version of VSD, version 5.5.1, and version 5.5.2.

This version of VSD supports statmonitor files generated from:

VSD and GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.6

GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.6 writes statmonitor data files with a slightly updated format, with a new line containing the statmonitor command line. As a result, VSD 5.5 or later is required in order to read statmonitor files generated by GS64 v3.6 or later.

This version of VSD, and all VSD 5.5.x versions, can read data files generated by older versions of GS64, as well as by v3.6 and later.

Supported Platforms

VSD version 5.5.2 is verified and supported on the following platforms:

Changes and Bug Fixes

Distribution available for Linux on ARM and MacOS on Apple M1

VSD is now available for Linux on the ARM platform and for MacOS on the Apple M1 platform.

Hide Instance by Type now includes NetLDI

Recent GemStone/S 64 Bit include monitoring for NetLDI processes. Now, the NetLDI processes can be hidden in VSD by using the process list menu item Hide Instances By Type and selecting NetLDI.

Statistics alias used first definition found

If there are multiple statistics aliases, the first definition was used; since new aliases are commonly added at the end, it is more reliable to use the final definition found. (#49312)