1. VSD 5.5.3 Release Notes


Visual Statistics Display (VSD) version 5.5.3 is a new maintenance release of the VSD product, including minor updates and improvements.

These release notes describe changes between the previous version of VSD, version 5.5.2, and version 5.5.3.

This version of VSD supports statmonitor files generated from:

VSD and GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.6.x

GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.6 writes statmonitor data files with a slightly updated format, with a new line containing the statmonitor command line. As a result, VSD 5.5 or later is required in order to read statmonitor files generated by GS64 v3.6 or later.

This version of VSD, and all VSD 5.5.x versions, can read data files generated by older versions of GS64, as well as by v3.6 and later.

Supported Platforms

VSD version 5.5.3 is verified and supported on the following platforms:

Changes and Bug Fixes

Improved Search

Searching for a statistic or process was unintuitive. Now, in addition to the control-S for search, you may use control-F. In addition, the search behavior has been improved. See the online help for details on the search options. (#49783)

The statistics list pane now as a popup menu that includes both Search For Counter... and Show Search Help...

Statistics level display controls removed

Individual statistics were defined with levels (Common/Advanced/Wizard), which was intended to allow you to control the number of statistics displayed. In practice, this occasionally resulted in unintentionally hidden statistics. The Main Window Main > Settings > Statistic Level menu item has been removed, and the Statistics Information Windows no longer displays a field with the level. The underlying code statistic definition fields are unchanged. (#49833)

Improved Help

VSD’s online help has had significant updates for correctness and clarity, broken links removed, and material related to long-divested products has been removed.

Help Window Location recorded

The Help system window location was not recorded in .vsdrc or applied on startup. (#49561)

Default filter for statistics recorded but not applied on startup

The Statistics Information Windows allows you to modify the default filter for a statistic (e.g. persecond, persample, nofilter). Changes were recorded in .vsdrc, but when VSD was started, the default filters were not applied. (#49835)

SessionStats with aliases showed a stat type of unknown

SessionStat01-SessionStat48 are Gem statistics that can be updated using Smalltalk code. These were not correctly identified by VSD as Gem statistics, so they displayed as type unknown in the Statistics Information Window. (#49829)