1. VSD 5.6.1 Release Notes


Visual Statistics Display (VSD) version 5.6.1 is a new release of the VSD product, including improvements for handling multiple appended files.

These release notes describe changes between the previous version of VSD, version 5.6, and version 5.6.1.

This version of VSD supports statmonitor files generated from:

Supported Platforms

VSD version 5.6.1 is verified and supported on the following platforms:

Windows 7, Red Hat 6.x, and Ubuntu 18.04 are expected to work, but as these are end-of-life, are not officially supported.

Changes in this Release

File Info dialog now lists appended files

Prevoiusly, when using vsd -a or the File > Append Data File(s)... option to append multiple files, there was no indication of the appended filenames, other than the first file loaded. Now, the File > Info dialog includes a new section listing each of the files that was appended.

The general name of the file, such as is displayed the File: drop down, remains that of the first file loaded.

Disallowed to append statmonitor data generated by different GemStone versions

It is now disallowed to append statmonitor data files that were generated by different versions of GemStone. While earlier versions of VSD did not fail, it was not handled correctly and could produce unexpected results or later errors.

File Info dialog timestamps displayed incorrectly with multiple appended files

When multiple files are appended, the File > Info dialog displayed a starting timestamp as the starting timestamp for the last file appended. Now, the timestamp for the first file loaded is displayed. (#50441)