1. VSD Overview

1.1 Statmonitor and VSD

Statmonitor in the GemStone server

Statmonitor statistics data files

File Size

GBS Stat Monitor in GBS

GBS statistics data files

1.2 Installing VSD


Installation on all platforms

2. VSD’s Graphical Interface

2.1 Starting VSD

2.2 Main VSD Window

Loading data for viewing

Loading an existing statmonitor file

Updating the view if the data file is updated

Loading multiple data files

Monitoring statistics on a running GemStone server

Process List


Selecting Process

Selecting Sets of Processes

Statistics List

Controlling visibility of statistics

Hiding statistics with only values of zero

Statistics Level

Meaning of statistics

Selecting and viewing statistics

2.3 VSD Statistics Chart

Chart Window

Chart Options


Time Format

Selecting a Line

Copying value from a line

Changing Line Options



Other Transformations

Summary of Information on a line

Summary of Information on a section of line

Other ways to control the view

Combining statistics values for multiple processes

Graphing against scales on both right and left side Y-axis

Process names in GemStone

Changing Hours Offset

2.4 Setting Background Color

2.5 Using and Creating Templates

Gem and Pageserver Names in Templates

3. VSD Template and configuration files

3.1 VSD Chart Templates

VSD Templates File

Template Syntax

3.2 VSD Configuration Files



Configuration file format

Main Window options

Chart Window Display Options

Monitor Window Options

Window locations and display


Main window text fonts

Chart window text fonts

4. Cache Statistics Reference

4.1 GemStone Server process Statistics

4.2 System Statistics on Linux

4.3 System Statistics on Solaris

4.4 System Statistics on AIX

4.5 GBS Statistics

A. VSD Command-Line Syntax