Topaz Command-Line Syntax

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This section presents the formal command syntax and the available command-line options.

By default the topaz command invokes an RPC executable. This is the same as specifying the -r option on the topaz command line:

topaz [ -r ] [ -q ] [ -i | -I topazini ] [ -u useName ]

When invoked with the -l option, Topaz runs in linked mode. The command line accepts additional options that apply only when starting linked version:

topaz -l [ -q ] [ -i | -I topazini ] [ -u useName ] [ -exeConfig ] [ -systemConfig ] [ -tocSizeKB ] [ -C configParams ]

In linked topaz (topaz -l_, you may also login RPC sessions, as well as login a linked session. Settings that only apply to linked sessions (-e, -z, -T, and -C) do not apply for RPC sessions started from linked topaz.

topaz can also provides usage and version information:

topaz -h | -v

-C configParams

Provides configuration parameters, in configuration file sytnax, that override settings in the configuation files. Only applies to linked sessions (RPC sessions may use the -C syntax in the Gem’s NRS).

-e exeConfig

The GemStone executable configuration file. This only applies to linked sessions. See Executable Configuration File.


Displays a usage line and exits.


Ignore the initialization file, .topazini.

-I topazini

Specify a complete path and file to a topazini initialization files, and use this rather then any .topazini in the default location.


Invoke the linked version of Topaz.


Start Topaz in quiet mode, suppressing printout of the banner and other information.


Invoke the RPC (remote procedure call) version of Topaz.

-T tocSizeKB

The GEM_TEMPOBJ_CACHE_SIZE that will be used. Overrides any settings provided in configuration files passed as arguments with the -e or -z options. Only applies to linked sessions.

-u useName

The value is not used by the topaz executable, but may be useful in identifying processes in OS utilities such as top or ps.


Prints version and exits.


On Windows client only; forces terminal behavior regardless of I/O device.


The GemStone system configuration file (applies only to linked sessions). See System Configuration File.



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