1. GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.5.2 Release Notes


Supported Platforms

Platforms for Version 3.5.2

GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) Versions

VSD Version

Changes in this release

GemStone revision numbering

Updated library versions

Support for UUIDs

Replacing Hidden sets with GsBitmap

Changes to make conversion to GsBitmap easier

Added GsBitmap Methods

GsSecureSockets support for SNI

Conveniences for using X509 keys with passphrases

Additional methods to create GsTlsPrivateKey instances

Secure backup with passphrase provided from a file

GsFile added methods

Improvements to thread specification for repository scans

Programmatic access to shared cache configuration

Improvements to results for fileSizeReport in GB

Added String compare method

Fix for bug 48343 (reference to JISCharacter) backed out

Handling of objects that do not exist by objectAudit

Script to verify secure backup renamed

Configuration Parameter-Related Change


Statmonitor and Cache Statistics Changes

Added statmonitor option

Now allowed to use %%S and %%C with -X, when statmonitor started by Stone

Cache Statistics Changes

Statistic TimeStoneCommit reported in wrong units

Further details for failures in network handshake

Removed private/example methods

Bug Fixes

Performance issue in AIO Pgsvr

objectAudit did not run to completion for some cases of corruption

Collection Issues

Removing dynamic instance variable from large SequenceableCollection

Sending printString to an invalid instance of RcQueue caused coredump

CByteArray >> autoRelease returns self, not a boolean

XFS file system errors for 32-bit processes

Error on upgrading from version 3.3.x

Periodic 30-second hangs with small STN_MAX_SESSIONS

Garbage Collection Issues

Symbol Garbage Collection not scalable

Risk of object does not exist errors with commits during Write Set Union Sweep

System >> reclaimGemSessionCount did not return values over 1

Backup and restore issues

Backup made during reclaim may have object audit failures after restore

Poor handling in recovery if the oldest tranlog not found

Page cache fault in remote cache

Issues related to Repository low space

Stone out of extent space may result in ReclaimGem not running

Excessive RepositoryErrors to session when repository is almost full

GsExternalSession executeString: crash on nil argument

Negative bitShift: for negative LargeInteger is off by one

Adjustments to hot standby debug logging output

gslist -x does not include exe entry for -n process on -m host

gslist -p returned invalid PID when process is not running/status killed

GsFile remove file did not handle filenames with * or ?

Repeated DEBUGGEM/logout sequences can hang process

Statmonitor could fail to add correct file extension

Risk of SEGV on Stone shutdown after local network disruption

Attempt to cluster in ClusterBucket over 31 crashed gem

copydbf with compression to directory did not compress

GEM_KEYRING_DIRS did not accept a list

Irrelevant socket listen errors in stone log on startup